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Memorial Day May 27-2024

Notice Swimming Pool-Pool CLOSED- May 2024

Meeting Agenda April 25-2024

Management New Address Notice

Notice 50 year recertification

Bldg L- Electrical

Notice of Painting-Bldg J

Notice of Painting – Bldg L

Notice of Painting – Bldg K

Notice of Painting – Bldg I

Notice of painting – Bldg D

Special Assessment-June 1,2023

Notice of painting – Bldg B

Meeting Agenda, April 27, 2023 at 7.30 pm,Insurance Premium Increase

Notice-Painting Building C

Notice-Bldg L 3-22-23


Notice of Painting-General

PARK EAST (003) Annual Insp 2022

Meeting Notice

Second Notice Annual Meeting -2022

First Notice of Annual Meeting – 2022

Tropical Storm Warning

Hallways Repair – Bldg. F

Racoon’ Relocation Treatment

PE Special Assessment spanish notice

P.E Special Assessment English notice

Meeting Agenda – February 7, 2022

Bldg K & I FPL working on site

Merry Christmas 2021

Happy Holidays- BOD 2022

Board of Directors-2022

Election Report – Park East

Budget Meeting Notice November 29, 2021

Park East Second Notice executed

Proposed Budget 2022

Board Of Directors Members- 2021

Board Meeting – July 27, 2021

URGENT NOTICE Huracan 2021

Roofing R Catwalk -Bldg L- Weekend

Roofing R Catwalk-Bldg K-Weekend

Roofing Repair Catwalk-Bldg L

Notice -Finning Committee

Meeting  5-5-21

Swimming Pool – CLOSED- 2

Asphalt Seal Coating 2021-Park East


BOD Budget Meeting Notice-Nov 24, 2020

Second Notice of Elections-2020

First Notice of Annual Meeting, PE 2020